Measurement principle   monoenergetic X-ray attenuation
Phase separation   high concentrated dispersions (transparent or opaque)
In situ sediment analysis   3 s to unlimited
Stability analysis   from seconds to days or weeks
Consolidation measurement   also in combination with LUMiFuge & LUMiSizer
Conformity   ISO/TR 13097; ISO/TR 18811; ISO 18747-1; CFR 21 Part 11
Samples   suspensions, Emulsions, Suspo-Emulsions, Sludges, Slurries, Foams & Powders
Channels   1 sample
Volume   0.3 ml to 1.6 ml
Concentration   Up to 100 Vol%
Particle   any shape, from nano to microscale, no density restriction
Source   Monoenergetic X-ray, 17.48 keV, max 20 W at 40 kV, air cooled
Monochromator   Graphite
Disturbance free   No moving parts
Dimensions (WxHxD), Weight   47 cm x 24 cm x 44 cm, 25 kg
Power supply   24 V, 220 W, Adapter (100 V to 240 V) included
Safety   different materials, optical path 1 mm to 10 mm
Radiation control requirements   none; instrument can be used anywhere