At the heart of the LUMiReader® X-Ray Separation Analyser is the cutting-edge STEP-Technology®, which is short for Space- and Time-resolved Extinction Profiles. It is the only technology that allows you

to analyze your whole sample instantaneously from top to bottom,

so you can understand every aspect of your dispersion, emulsion, and suspension. Our patented solution combines STEP-Technology with x-ray vision, permitting highest spatial resolution, short sampling intervals and powerful detection technique. It creates monochrome and parallel x-rays with the help of a special crystal, which transmits the entire sample cell of 20 mm height.

More than 1,600 detectors record the transmitted beam, giving an unprecedented resolution . Instantaneous transmission profiles across your whole sample are converted into stability and separation rates. Particle concentration, sediment packing density can also be calculated based on the extinction profiles.

STEP-Technology® – giving you the edge in dispersion analysis and formulations.